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Okay, I now know where you guys can read the Kyou Kara Maou manga without having to wait for the release of the Tokyopop one. But here, you can read until vol. 2 only… sadly… but be patient, maybe they’ll add more in time! so, here is the link: http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/series/968/kyou_kara_ma_no_tsuku_jiyuugyou/


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In this episode, we begin by seeing a flashback scene of Sho-chan and Yu-chan (brotherly bonding) when they were little and it was Christmas that night.

Yuuri first asked Shori about what he wanted Santa to give him and Shori said he wanted a game. Shori asked Yuuri and Yuuri pointed at the full moon.

“You always ask for the impossible and you always put me into a fix.”

Yuuri wanted the full moon.

So then, we see Yuuri in Shinmakoku studying for his final exams which is next week. But of course, Shinmakoku time runs faster than the usual earth time so Yuuri has very less time to study.

Anissina then barges into the office and told Yuuri not to worry for she has invented her new invention. It helps Yuuri study even when he’s asleep. So Yuuri will be able to memorize everything that he needs to study for.

After a while, Yuuri decided he should go to earth to study longer.

And so they arrived~

After they arrived, Shori, of course wanted to help Yuuri in his studies and entered Yuuri’s room when he found the helmet that Anissina invented and accidentally put in on Yuuri’s head and it sorta…


The next thing Yuuri knew, he switched bodies with Shori! Yuuri was shocked and the next day, they spent time as one another and began to understand each others’ purposes.

In the end, Shori (in Yuuri’s body) gave Yuuri (in Shori’s body) what he always wanted since he was little, the full moon. Shori used Yuuri’s powers to take the reflection of the moon in the water and take out the moon.

Shori threw it to Yuuri and they were able to be back in their old bodies again!! YAY! HAPPY ENDING!

To watch this episode, click on this link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-397342/Kyou-Kara-Maou-3rd-Season-Episode-14.html

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Okay, so TODAY, our main KKM characters are Yuuri, Wolfram, Conrad, etc right? but in the past, our characters weren’t born yet! So now we’re going to review about past KKM characters for a bit. They appear 4000 years ago~

The main characters:

Shinou Heika, the first Maou of Shinmakoku.


Daikenja, The Great Sage, Murata’s past life and Shinou’s trusted advisor.


Ancestors of our characters today:

Siegbert Voltaire, Gwendal’s ancestor, fought along Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his left eye is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “Ends of The Earth”.


Lawrence Weller, Conrad’s ancestor, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his left arm is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “The End of The Wind”.



Rufus Bielefeld, Wolfram’s ancestor, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his heart is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “Hellfire on Frozen Tundra”.


Earhart Wincott & Christel Wincott, Julia’s ancestors, brothers, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, Earhart’s blood is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “The Mirror at The Bottom of The Sea”. Christel was the one who brought the box to earth for safe keeping.


Christ, Gunter’s ancestor.


Spitzberg, Stoffel and Celi’s ancestor. (Looks a lot like Celi don’t you think?)


Supporting characters:

Ondine & Seraphine, sisters, oracles. Ondine became an oracle of the forest while Seraphine became evil later on. These are when they were children.

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19 Days ongoing~

Minna!! Guess what? Shinmaruma has run smoothly for 19 days, ongoing! I started Shinmaruma on August 3rd and today (in my country) is the 22nd.

I have high hopes to keep Shinmaruma going great, so please support me KKM fans!

Thx, maouheika95

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These are the KKM items that I am after right now. Oh~ I want them soooo badly!!!

1. Kyou Kara Maou! Minna no Uta Character Song Album


2. Kyou Kara Maou! Maou Clear Folder


3. Kyou Kara Maou! Yuuri and Kumahachi Box


4. Kyou Kara Maou! Nail Art Decals


5. Kyou Kara Maou! Hajimari no Tabi PS2 Game


6. Kyou Kara Maou! Shinmakoku no Kyuujitsu PS2 Game


I think this is just about it for now! (You can’t have TOO many wants…)


P.S. If any of you happens to know where to find/buy this, pls PM me!! (I don’t online-shop!)

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Okay… (sorry, no screenies for a while!!) in this episode, we continue back to our story when Janus took Alford’s Holy Sword, Morgif, and the other mysterious sword.

So after Janus disappeared, they went after him and found him at last. There was a HUGE hole between them and Janus was like, floating on the other side of the hole. (I don’t knowhow he got there) Anyways, Janus then said that he have no need for the Holy Sword and Morgif so Janus threw those two swords down the hole!! (OMG, what the heck is he doing?!! INSANITY!)

Yuuri, Alford and the others were panicked. Alford was sorta a ding-dong head and jumped to the hole to get his Holy Sword. Yuuri was shocked and had an idea. He remembered that T-Zou hated Manjuu and Yuuri gave a whole bunch to him! T-Zou went crazy and aggressive! He took Yuuri and started flying towards Alford and caught him, his Holy Sword and Morgif.

In the end, Yuuri was approached by king Saralegui, the king of Sho Shimaron. He said that he wanted to become alliances with Shinmakoku and that he will return Caloria’s army. (Sho Shimaron has been borrowing Caloria’s army for a battle).

There are still some mysteries as well. Like why did Janus only take the crappy sword instead of the other two swords? and is Saralegui a shay character? what is his real intention?

To watch this episode, click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2Q4wVLaDWk

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Kyou Kara Maou! Updates!


Okay, so I’ve been researching and found out about these:

July 31: There is no episode scheduled.


August 7: Episode 15 (#93) – “Wind’s Lullaby” (風の子守歌)


August 14: Episode 16 (#94) – “Wincott’s Inheritance” (ウィンコットの遺産)


August 21: Episode 17 (#95) – “Invitation to Lesser Cimmaron” (小シマロンへの招待)


August 28: Episode 18 (#96) – “The Two Kings” (二人の王)



and for more news, Kyo Kara Maoh Manga by Temari Matsumoto and published by TokyoPop, will be released on October 14, 2008. Here are the links:


The Amazon release date of “Kyo Kara MAOH! Volume 1”



For the UK



For Canada



and a link to Target selling the book



The US has to wait 7 more days from the UK and Canada gets it 6 days before the UK.

Okay, that’s all for now you guys!! ^_^

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