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Okay, now it’s time for the juciest gossip around Shinmakoku!! Let’s hear it for.. the maids!

Sangria says:

“Hey hey girls, who do you think is the most ‘happening’ couple??”

Doria says:

“Kyaa!! Yuuri Heika and Wolfram Kaka of course~ They’re so cute together!”

Lasagna says:

“But.. What about Wolfram Kaka and Elizabeth Hime-sama? I think they’re good together as well..”

Effe says:

“Maybe.. but I wonder about Weller Kyou and Lady Julia’s relationship… who does Lady Julia actually love? Adalbert-sama or Weller Kyou?”

Doria says:

“That mystery was never revealed… maybe it will in the rest of season 3!! XD”

Sangria says:

“I hope soo.. but there’s a special surprise for our fans in OVA 3!! XD There’s a bit of a **** scene between Yuuri Heika and Wolfram Kaka! KYAAAA!”

Effe says:

“Okay, I think our fans get it XD to watch the OVAs, click on this link! http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/Kyou_Kara_Maoh_R_-_OVA

All maids says: “That’s all for nowww!!”


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In this episode, we continue where we left off (again). So the last time, we remember that Gerard was threatening Saralegui that it is not over yet and someone will eventually get rid of him.

Not long after that, the guards came and notifies Saralegui that Dai Shimaron has crossed Sho Shimaron’s border and entered its domain. Lanzhill is in the lead and he has brought his men along.

Yuuri and the others are shocked, but Saralegui remains quiet. Saralegui told Yuuri he should get out of Sho Shimaron for his own safety. But of course, Yuuri keeps refusing until at last, they gave up.

Murata suggests that they should pretend to hand Yuuri over to Dai Shimaron, and then they would get him back. Yuuri and the others also agree with that plan.

So then they set off to meet Lanzhill and the rest of Dai Shimaron. Once they arrived, Saralegui and Yuuri walked together.

Then, Saralegui suddenly jumps to Yuuri and shouted, “LOOK OUT!”

Yuuri then becomes the Maou and like, destroys everything!! It was so cool!! Sorry I can’t get the screenies because it’s too fast!! You’ll have to see for yourselves! ^^

So anyways, in the end, Yuuri held Saralegui in his arms and fainted. Lanzhill and his troops ran away.

To watch this COOL episode, click on these links:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZemIc7qu4s

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv5KqgwZpbM

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLUVTB1XQaY (P.S, The coolness starts here in part 3!!)

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KKM Updates!

Okaay KKM fans, here are more updates~

As we all know, Shoku-dan Fansubs has been hacked. They’re still working on fixing the site, so please, lets wait patiently…

And Atelier-Thryst Fansubs released their Subbed versions In Xvid. Its available for download. And they have just released Episode 20. 

Another Subbing group:

Epic FanSubs

http://a.scarywater.net/epic/ are our releases



There is no new episode next week, or on October 2nd. Instead, NHK will be running two review-type shows of the series.

September 25: Kyou Kara MA-Ou! Great Research! ~ The New MA-Ou Isn’t Here!~* (今日から㋮王!大研究!~新㋮王はここが違う!~)**

Featuring: Sakurai Takahiro (Yuuri), Morikawa Toshiyuki (Conrad), Inoue Kazuhiko (Gunter), Saiga Mitsuki (Wolfram) and Yoshida Jungo (theme song performance)

October 2: Kyou Kara MA-Ou! Great Research! ~ The MA-Ou Inspection~* (今日から㋮王!大研究!~㋮王検定~)**

October 9: Episode 22 (#100) – “Members of the Round Table” (円卓の人々)***

October 16: Episode 23 (#101) – “El’s “Kidnapping” (エル誘拐事件)

– A good DVD review from ANN, check it out;


EPISODE19 (97) & 20 (98) and all the other episodes are available for download on Atelier-Thryst fansubs! via torrent 


Shoku-dan released Episode 15 (93) 16 (94) ( and 17 (95) 18 (96) subbed , if you want to download it, go to their site : http://shoku-dan.org/


Kyou Kara Maou is back on tv on ia tv.

KKM Schedule
Sep 01,2008 2:30am ET episode #1 
Sep 02,2008 2:30am ET episode #2 
Sep 03,2008 2:30am ET episode #3 
Sep 04,2008 2:30am ET episode #4 
Sep 05,2008 2:30am ET episode #5

iaTV is available in the following areas: 
Los Angeles, CA 
Time Warner Cable – Ch. 157 (Free On Demand available on Ch. 1098) 
Cox Communications – Ch. 475 (Orange County / Palos Verdes) 
Charter Communications – Ch. 143 
Cerritos, CA – Ch. 219 
Ventura County, CA – Ch. 137 
Champion Broadband – Ch. 196 (Arcadia, Monrovia & Pasadena) 
San Francisco, CA 
Comcast Cable – Ch. 28 
Oceanic Time Warner Cable – Ch. 546 
Edison, NJ 
WDVB-CA – Ch. 39 (Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex & Union Counties) 
Princeton, NJ 
Patriot Media – Ch. 149 (Free On Demand is available) 
New York, NY 
Time Warner Cable – Ch. 560 
Dallas, TX 
Time Warner Cable – Ch. 342 
Houston, TX 
Comcast Cable – Ch. 241 ( I have that one ) 
TVMAX – Ch. 93 
Northern Virginia 
Cox Communications – Ch. 465 (Free On Demand is available)

These info are taken from: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Kyou_Kara_Maou_Fans_Kingdom/pages/kkmnewsandupdates

I take NO credits whatsoever. Please thank the fans of KKM!

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KKM Medias found

Readers, remember the last time I gave you guys links to read the KKM manga online? for a more complete version, here are the links. Oh, and there are also links for the KKM light novel translations as well! ^_^

Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! (Manga): http://s-kojika.com/PKR/

Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! (Light Novel): http://www.asphodelshaven.com/translations/index.php?s=novels

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Okay minna, sorry, no screenies for this one…

Anyways, the story started where we left off. So we remember that Yuuri was pushed down a hill and Saralegui was surrounded. Okay, so later on, Gunter and the others found Yuuri and brought him back to their hiding place.

Yuuri wanted to save Saralegui but the others told him it was a bad idea. Yuuri kept on forcing and finally, they had no choice but to agree. So Murata finally came up with a plan that’s enough to be a decoy so that Yuuri will have time to save Saralegui.

So Murata and Gunter went on their horses and attracted the attention of some of the guards and they also told Berard that they saw the Maou (which is Murata) and his accomplice. So they chased Murata and Gunter instead. The decoy worked.

Meanwhile, Yuuri ran to where Saralegui was being hold captive and saved him. Saralegui was glad to see Yuuri and they went out of there.

Not long after that, they met the rest, including Berias (not Belius or Beryes.. I still think his name is Berias). Then, the guards found them and started to attack. Berias, Conrad, and the others beat them all up.

Later afterwards, Murata and Gunter found the rest of the Sho Shimaron army who is on Saralegui’s side. So then they arrived at Saralegui’s side and defended him againts Berard. Yuuri told him that he wasn’t alone after all.

Later that day, Berard was captured, but it doesn’t seem to be the end yet…

To watch this episode, click on this link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-450600/Kyou-Kara-Maou-3rd-Season-Episode-19.html

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Okay, to start things off… THEY’RE UPLOADING KKM EPISODES REALLY FAST!! EVERYDAY! XDXD I have never been so happy!!

Ehem, anyways, as I was saying..

This episode continues where we left off. Yuuri went to Sho Shimaron with the rest of the gang. They entered the castle and met Berard. Berard turns out to be the security manager. He handles the defense in the castle and stuff like that.

So anyways, Yuuri entered the castle and they saw a picture

The man on the picture was Saralegui’s father. He died two years ago.

Anyways, later on, Saralegui said that he’s been lonely ever since but then Yuuri said some things to cheer him up and Saralegui held Yuuri’s hand in a ‘loving’ manner. Wolfram, of course… didn’t quite agree~


Not long after that, Yuuri and the others gathered in one room. They talked about how suspicious Saralegui is and Gunter also mentioned that Saralegui has all the characters similar to those who are called ‘Shinzoku’. Shinzoku is one of the race. It is in term of ‘God’. It doesn’t really mean that Shinzoku are Gods, but people look at them that way and they have unusually strong Houryoku.

Long ago, Shinzoku used to have their own country called Seisakoku. They also mentioned that Belius (not Berias) has the same characteristics as a Mazoku. But it is also impossible for a Shinzoku to have a Mazoku assisstant.

When they were talking, Saralegui and Belius came in their room. They asked everyone to walk with them and have a little stroll.

While they were strolling, suddenly, the guards came. They said that there was an intruder in the castle and they’re still trying to find the guy. So the guards said they’ll escort Yuuri and the others inside.

Suddenly, when they were walking, the guards attacked and the others attacked back. Then, all of a sudden, Saralegui pulled Yuuri’s hand and ran while the others are fighting with the guards!

Saralegui led Yuuri to a place full of coffins or something like that.

Suddenly, the guards came and the only way to hide is to inside one of the conffins!

So they did.

After the guards are finally gone, Saralegui said he suspects that Berard is behind all this. Later, they went to Saralegui’s room. Saralegui said they won’t expect him to be in his own room. Meanwhile, Saralegui asked Yuuri about his life in Shinmakoku and his family. Yuuri told Saralegui all about his mom, but then Saralegui got quiet.

Saralegui then told Yuuri that he didn’t have a mother. He didn’t remember having one and his father never talked about it with him either. Even since childhood.

Saralegui said that most nights, he always have the same dream: Being held by someone, perhaps his mother.

Kawaii desho? Those were the contents of Saralegui’s dreams.

Anyways, as they were talking, the guards suddenly barges in. Yuuri was shocked but Saralegui seems pretty relaxed. As soon as the guards started to approach, Saralegui told Yuuri to run. And then he pushed Yuuri out the window and he was stumbling down the hill.

To watch this episode, click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXsvb_tj-JE

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TT^TT Gomen minna, no screenies for this one…

Anyways, our story begins as we see the king of Sho Shimaron, Saralegui talking with a person named Berard. Saralegui was asking him to whom does he stay true to, Saralegui, or Lanzhill. This Berard person seems to be a suspicious character.

Later, we see Yuuri and the others hunting. They were using the Kotsuhizoku to fetch them a woodland animal. The bigger the better, then they release them again. At first, Gwendal was the one who fetched the biggest animal, but then, it was Yuuri’s turn.

Yuuri sent out a Kotsuhizoku and another one came back sending a scroll from Sho Shimaron. Not long after that, the Kotsuhizoku Yuuri sent came back with a large bear-turtle thing! ^_^”

Not long after their hunting, they read the scroll and it turns out that Saralegui invited Yuuri to visit Sho Shimaron because Saralegui wanted Sho Shimaron to become alliances with Shinmakoku. Yuuri, of course, isn’t againts this plan but Wolfram and the others are a little worried about Saralegui…

So the next day, they rode on their horses to Sho Shimaron. Suddenly, Saralegui came unexpectedly on his horse… and his guards came along as well (including Berias).

After a short amount of greetings, all of a sudden, soldiers who dresses like bandits came from the woods! Conrad, Gunter, Jozak, Berias, and the Sho Shimaron army fought them off.

In the end, Saralegui revealed that those soldiers are probably after him. Saralegui told Yuuri and the others that there was someone who opposed Saralegui as the king of Sho Shimaron. I have a feeling it’s that Berard guy…

To watch this episode, click on this link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-448154/Kyou-Kara-Maou-3rd-Season-Episode-17.html


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