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Sorry, no screenies for this one.. ==

Okay, so, in the beginning we see Shori and Jeneus in a ship. Jeneus told Shori that they are heading to Dai Shimaron.

Then, when Shori and the rest of the White Crows arrived, Shori was confused.  The place looks like some ancient place and not a castle. So he followed Jeneus inside.

Inside, they met the lady, awaiting them. The lady’s face was finally shown. She also reveals to Shori that her name is Alazon.

She said she’s been waiting for Shori for he is the ‘hero’ they’ve all been waiting for.

So..uhh… I guess that’s it, basically..

Sorry for the short review… I’m having serious problems of my own…

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In the beginning of the episode, we see a short recap of what has happened during the past 2 episodes.

Yuuri and the others at the castle are waiting for Conrad and Hube to get back and hoping that Shori is with them. However, he isn’t. Yuuri is worried at first, then Murata tells him that Shori might be kidnapped by the White Crow.

Gwendal tells Yuuri not to worry about it but Yuuri refuses by telling Gwendal that Shori is his brother and he needs to save him. Gwendal has no choice but to let Yuuri go.


So Yuuri left with the others while Nicola, El, the maids, and Greta stayed at the castle.


Meanwhile, we see a carriage (PROPERTY OF WHITE CROW ==) and inside is Shori locked up in a cellar and Jeneus sitting in front of him, outside the cellar. Shori asks Jeneus why did he kidnap him and lock him up. Jeneus said that there is someone who wants to meet Shori. Shori decided to stick around, maybe he might know something about their real goal.

Jeneus also said that it’s better for Shori to not resist them otherwise he might die. Shori thought about that and if he dies, he can’t protect Yuuri.

Jeneus says he envies Shori because he can be near the person he wants to protect.



Suddenly, it seems the Shinmakoku army has caught up with them. Jeneus told Shori not to worry and they sped up the carriage.

Then, since they were like, a few meters away from a cliff, the other White Crow members did the most stupid thing.. they UNLATCHED the carriage so they were practically letting Jeneus and Shori fall from the cliff. MORONS!! 0_0

So Jeneus casually umm… ‘grab ahold’ (or hug) Shori and jumped out the carriage!


>///<  *nosebleed*

So later on (ehem! continuing with the story), Jeneus was panting like mad and he said that his only reason to be kept alive was to bring Shori to his destination.

Then, Jeneus asked Shori, “Shouldn’t you be running away?” and a member of the White Crow knocked Shori out from behind.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Dacascos reports to Murata about the carriage falling off the cliff and Murata pinpoint the location of where the people inside the carriage might fall.


While he is pinpointing, Shinou (small verison) came.


Shinou asked what’s wrong but Murata put a huge box over him ^^”. Then, Shinou said that Shinmakoku was the country he made and that he has a responsibility of watching over it.

Meanwhile, Yuuri, Wolfram, and the others are still looking for traces of Shori and the White Crow. They’ve got a good idea where the White Crow might show up.


Beneath them, the White Crow show up again and this time, Jeneus is with them. So Gwendal, Wolfram, Conrad, and Gunter slided down from the hill and get ready to fight them.





So they fought, but the White Crow overpowers them at first. Then, Yuuri turned into the Maou and helped. (I mean go crazy)



Yuuri’s gone mad and Wolfram got hurt…


So the White Crow headed to the sea with their ship. Yuuri was about to destroy it but then Jeneus held an unconscious Shori and asked Yuuri, “Do you care what happens to your brother?”

Yuuri, of course can’t fight back and let them go.

So in the end, the White Crow got away and Shori is still with them.

These screenies were taken from: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-369703/KKM-S3-EPISODE-103-25-SCREENCAPS-RAW-AND-SUMMARY-RIDERS-OF-THE-PLAINS.html

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It’s good to be back again! This episode starts where we left off. In episode 101, the last scene was when Shori ran after El.

Later on, Yuuri, Murata, Hube, and Nicola went to check things up and saw a broken Kohii (poor Kohii-kun TT^TT) and a boomerang with the White Crow symbol on it.



Hube and Nicola are worried and Hube immediately decided to look for El and the White Crow members.


Hube set off, and on the way, he found a few members of the White Crow. One of them was holding El. Hube fought them with his sword.


While Hube was fighting, Shori found him.

The member who was holding El cut the bridge’s rope with Hube still on it.



Hube managed to cross to the other side, but then he was attacked by Geneus. Suddenly, a mighty water dragon appeared. That water dragon looks very familiar…


Nope. it’s not Yuuri heika’s powers (He wasn’t anywhere near the scene!) It’s…


Shori’s powers. Remember? he’s the future Maou of the Earth so he must’ve had Maryoku as well.

Anyways, after Shori saved El and El was safe, they gathered together. However, when Hube wanted to carry El, he started crying. Hube was shocked and realized why El, his own son cried.


When they reached Hube’s house, Nicola was happy that El was safe and sound. Hube, however said that he has no right to live a happy life because of the past deeds he has done. Nicola then assured Hube that she loves him no matter what. Nicola also told him that she knows about Hube’s dangerous missions and what he has done in the past.


Later, they decided to go to Blood Pledge Castle for safety. Conrad and Wolfram was already in front of the house.


So they finally ride the carriage and headed back to Blood Pledge Castle.

Geneus, on the other hand was waiting for them.


When everything is set, The White Crows came and attack; it’s war!!



While the war continues, Yuuri, Nicola, Shori, and El are still inside. However, Shori cannot bring himself to sit still, so he jumped out of the carriage and did a crazy, yet awesome thing.


He blasted more of his water Maryoku and killed most of the White Crow members. However…


Geneus approached him. He talked to Shori about not yet fully mastering his Maryoku yet and stuff like that. Then, Geneus told Shori to give up his powers to the White Crow.

Shori was shocked, and somehow, he collapsed. Right then and there.


These screenies were taken from: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-366126/EPISODE-24-102-SCREENCAPS-AND-RAW-LINKS-The-Chosen-One.html

To watch this episode, click here.

Jya ne Shinmakoku no minna-san!! Wait for the next review! ^^

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Good, no, GREAT News!!

Minna!! I know I’ve been depressed, but not anymore! I already watched that episode! And guess what else? episode 102 & 103 subbed has also been released as well! So just wait for a while before I make the next review! Minna, KKM is back on course! ^^

Wish me luck,


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TT^TT GOMENNASAI!!! …I didn’t get to watch it properly.. so I guess I’ll snag CR’s review… gomen!!!

We see again mysterious woman and Jeneus, they are talking about a child that can help them to get their hands on the sword they are looking for.
In fact Jeneus tells her he got some infos that there is a child born from an human and a mazoku that has no maryoku but interesting powers, obviously and the woman orders him to get the child and bring it to her.
Jeneus has to go to Shin makoku, apparently he is surprised to go there but then the woman says “you wanted to go there, am I right?”


Yuuri enters in his mother room to tell her he is leaving and sees her trying dresses. The next day they will have to attend to a wedding.
Miko seems really happy to attend there.

Then Murata comes and of course compliments with Miko making her happy!

So, everyone is ready to leave, Shouri has a weird expression and when Yuuri and Murata jump he jumps with them.
Miko complains, she wanted to jump too but is stopped by Shouma, only her flower falls in the water and gets sucked.

During the wet travel we hear a child laughing.
When they get to the other part Yuuri asks Shouri why he came too and he says “because you never wanted to take me with you!” 

Then Murata calms them and makes them realize that they are not in Shinou’s temple.
Yuuri calls the others to see if anyone is around but they are nowhere to be found.
Apparently, since Shouri was with them, they were…stopped in the middle of the travel, which is why they didn’t end up in the right place.

Then they hear someone coming.

At the same time at Shinou’s temple Wolfram is pissed off and Gunter is worried.
Conrad says that it’s weird for them to be so late, maybe something happened…

Back to Yuuri, the people approaching were Nicola, Hube and Eru!

At Shinou’s temple Wolfram is getting even more annoyed and worried and Gunter is…angsting.
Conrad suggests to ask Ulrike.

Yuuri asks Nicola and Hube where they are and is told he is still inside Shin Makoku, the happy family was coming back from a walk they had at a near village.
Eru wanted to go out apparently.
Yuri remembers he head a child voice during the trip and Murata says that maybe it was Eru who called them there.
They wonder if he can do something like this…

Hube says that he will inform the castle but it might take a little while before someone goes to get them so they can stop at their place in the meanwhile and spend there the night.
Then Yuuri introduces them to Shouri, he seems a little too serious when he gets introduced but can’t help but melt when Eru starts to smile XD

They get to Hube’s house, it’s a nice house but Murata says it’s weird, since Hube and Grisela family are aristocrats he thought Hube would have a bigger and fancier house. 
In fact-says Hube – that was only some kind of separate house, the real house is near that and it’s as expected, a castle.

Nicola says that at the beginning they lived in the castle, then they ended up using only the separate house, Nicola felt uneasy living in a place so big since she wasn’t used.
Yuuri says he kind of understands her feeling.

When they are inside, they apologize for ruining the family moment since Hube is very busy and rarely spends time with family.
But Nicola says to not worry, she spent time with her family and met His Majesty, she is really happy!

Then they see a glass kumahachi in their house! So they bought it too, it was so cute they didn’t think it was fake, plus Eru loved it so much that even when it became glass they couldn’t trash it.

Outside the house someone is watching it the house.

Eru starts crying and nobody seems able to make him stop, then Shouri takes him and starts making a weird voice…Eru calms immediately.
Yuuri comments that Shouri is really good with children, he didn’t know! Shouri says he used to do the same with Yuuri when he was a child so…he knows how to calm children.

Hube also is quite happy, he is rarely home so he is not able to deal with Eru, sometimes he is afraid that his son would forget his father’s face…


Nicola comes with some sweets and they sit to eat them.
Then she sees the flower near Yuuri and asks him about it. He explains her it was her mother’s, she wanted to come too, then he starts to talk about the wedding and remembers the first time they met Nicola during her “wedding”.
Shouri asks about it and is explained, Nicola finishes saying that now they happily live together.
So Murata asks Hube if they didn’t get married and he says yes, they simply didn’t have time, Eru was born, they were very busy, Hube wanted to have a ceremony but they couldn’t find a good time…

Then Yuuri decides to have a wedding, on that same day!
Murata agrees, there is no better time considering that also the Maou appeared and Hube is not busy…
Nicola too seems happy so it’s decided!

Everyone is busy with preparations, Nicola is busy getting things for meal when she is called, it seems that Hube is already dressed and almost finished with his preparations.
She has to get ready too!

Hube is waiting and Shouri goes to him, after few words commenting the sudden turn of events Shouri asks him what is the kind of job Hube is doing now.
He doesn’t want to know all the details but he thinks it’s something dangerous and asks him if Nicola knows.
Hube says she doesn’t, she just knows he is helping Gwendal.
Then Shouri asks why, with a beautiful spouse and child he has to do a dangerous job?
Hube says he thinks about his family more than anything and doesn’t want to hurt them, he wants to protect them both but, if he is able to live like this now it’s all thanks to Yuuri so he wants to work for him and Shin Maskoku even if it’s dangerous.

Shouri looks at Yuuri and realizes Yuuri found what he has and wants to do in that world, Shouri wonders if there is something he can do for that world too, if he will be able to find something he has to do…

Evening, wedding time.

Yuuri is making his speech Nicola remembers he hear it another time too…

So, everyone is congratulating with the couple while Eru is spending time with other children.

Then Eru starts to cry and Hube noticed that it’s the second time he starts to cry without an apparent reason.

Shouri comes and offers to bring the child in a place with less people.
So he goes with her in a secluded area and then he realizes he forgot the toy Eru has always with him, a Kohii offers to check on the child while he goes back to get him but as soon as he leaves someone masked gets there, destroys the Kohi and gets Eru.

(now, on a Off topic thing, you don’t leave a child alone on a bench, Shouri! How irresponsible!!! Sorry couldn’t help to notice it^^;)

Shouri comes just in time to see him getting away, while the Kohii gets the child again but is destroyed again.
The child is falling and gets taken by another masked person.

Shouri runs after them.


from: http://kkm3-chat-mods.livejournal.com/21645.html

To watch this episode, please click on these links: Part 1

                                                                                 Part 2

                                                                                 Part 3


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Readers, based on help from a friend, I found out why subbed episodes weren’t coming very quickly.. The subbers are still working on it. Here is a list of their work so far:

Episode 23 (101): 20%

Episode 24 (102): 20%

Episode 25 (103): 20%

But I’m pretty much sure these 3 subbed episodes will come on the same day. Because all of them is being worked on at the same time.

So ongai, please be patient KKM fans, our time will come!! XDD

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KKM Updates!

Hello readers, I’m back again with the latest KKM ep updates… here they are!

November 20: Episode 28 (#106) – “Invoke” (発動)

November 20: Episode 29 (#107) – “The End of Thought”* (思いの果て)

As you can see these are the Japan broadcasting schedules, but I’m sure by then, the raw version on YouTube will be available for fans to enjoy. Stay tuned!


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