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Here are the links:

Youtube part 1/3

Youtube part 2/3

Youtube part 3/3

1 more episode to go… TT^TT

Anyways, enjoy!


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Here are the links:

Youtube part 1/3

Youtube part 2/3

Youtube part 3/3

Enjoy! ^^

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Here are the links:

Youtube part 1/3

Youtube part 2/3

Youtube part 3/3

P.S. These are subbed! Enjoy! ^^

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Here is the latest episode of Kyou Kara Maou!

You can download it in MegaUpload,

or you can watch it online in MegaVideo.


Thanks!! ^^

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Sorry, no screenies for this one.. ==

Okay, so, in the beginning we see Shori and Jeneus in a ship. Jeneus told Shori that they are heading to Dai Shimaron.

Then, when Shori and the rest of the White Crows arrived, Shori was confused.  The place looks like some ancient place and not a castle. So he followed Jeneus inside.

Inside, they met the lady, awaiting them. The lady’s face was finally shown. She also reveals to Shori that her name is Alazon.

She said she’s been waiting for Shori for he is the ‘hero’ they’ve all been waiting for.

So..uhh… I guess that’s it, basically..

Sorry for the short review… I’m having serious problems of my own…

To watch this episode, click here.

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In the beginning of the episode, we see a short recap of what has happened during the past 2 episodes.

Yuuri and the others at the castle are waiting for Conrad and Hube to get back and hoping that Shori is with them. However, he isn’t. Yuuri is worried at first, then Murata tells him that Shori might be kidnapped by the White Crow.

Gwendal tells Yuuri not to worry about it but Yuuri refuses by telling Gwendal that Shori is his brother and he needs to save him. Gwendal has no choice but to let Yuuri go.


So Yuuri left with the others while Nicola, El, the maids, and Greta stayed at the castle.


Meanwhile, we see a carriage (PROPERTY OF WHITE CROW ==) and inside is Shori locked up in a cellar and Jeneus sitting in front of him, outside the cellar. Shori asks Jeneus why did he kidnap him and lock him up. Jeneus said that there is someone who wants to meet Shori. Shori decided to stick around, maybe he might know something about their real goal.

Jeneus also said that it’s better for Shori to not resist them otherwise he might die. Shori thought about that and if he dies, he can’t protect Yuuri.

Jeneus says he envies Shori because he can be near the person he wants to protect.



Suddenly, it seems the Shinmakoku army has caught up with them. Jeneus told Shori not to worry and they sped up the carriage.

Then, since they were like, a few meters away from a cliff, the other White Crow members did the most stupid thing.. they UNLATCHED the carriage so they were practically letting Jeneus and Shori fall from the cliff. MORONS!! 0_0

So Jeneus casually umm… ‘grab ahold’ (or hug) Shori and jumped out the carriage!


>///<  *nosebleed*

So later on (ehem! continuing with the story), Jeneus was panting like mad and he said that his only reason to be kept alive was to bring Shori to his destination.

Then, Jeneus asked Shori, “Shouldn’t you be running away?” and a member of the White Crow knocked Shori out from behind.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Dacascos reports to Murata about the carriage falling off the cliff and Murata pinpoint the location of where the people inside the carriage might fall.


While he is pinpointing, Shinou (small verison) came.


Shinou asked what’s wrong but Murata put a huge box over him ^^”. Then, Shinou said that Shinmakoku was the country he made and that he has a responsibility of watching over it.

Meanwhile, Yuuri, Wolfram, and the others are still looking for traces of Shori and the White Crow. They’ve got a good idea where the White Crow might show up.


Beneath them, the White Crow show up again and this time, Jeneus is with them. So Gwendal, Wolfram, Conrad, and Gunter slided down from the hill and get ready to fight them.





So they fought, but the White Crow overpowers them at first. Then, Yuuri turned into the Maou and helped. (I mean go crazy)



Yuuri’s gone mad and Wolfram got hurt…


So the White Crow headed to the sea with their ship. Yuuri was about to destroy it but then Jeneus held an unconscious Shori and asked Yuuri, “Do you care what happens to your brother?”

Yuuri, of course can’t fight back and let them go.

So in the end, the White Crow got away and Shori is still with them.

These screenies were taken from: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-369703/KKM-S3-EPISODE-103-25-SCREENCAPS-RAW-AND-SUMMARY-RIDERS-OF-THE-PLAINS.html

To watch this episode, click here.

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It’s good to be back again! This episode starts where we left off. In episode 101, the last scene was when Shori ran after El.

Later on, Yuuri, Murata, Hube, and Nicola went to check things up and saw a broken Kohii (poor Kohii-kun TT^TT) and a boomerang with the White Crow symbol on it.



Hube and Nicola are worried and Hube immediately decided to look for El and the White Crow members.


Hube set off, and on the way, he found a few members of the White Crow. One of them was holding El. Hube fought them with his sword.


While Hube was fighting, Shori found him.

The member who was holding El cut the bridge’s rope with Hube still on it.



Hube managed to cross to the other side, but then he was attacked by Geneus. Suddenly, a mighty water dragon appeared. That water dragon looks very familiar…


Nope. it’s not Yuuri heika’s powers (He wasn’t anywhere near the scene!) It’s…


Shori’s powers. Remember? he’s the future Maou of the Earth so he must’ve had Maryoku as well.

Anyways, after Shori saved El and El was safe, they gathered together. However, when Hube wanted to carry El, he started crying. Hube was shocked and realized why El, his own son cried.


When they reached Hube’s house, Nicola was happy that El was safe and sound. Hube, however said that he has no right to live a happy life because of the past deeds he has done. Nicola then assured Hube that she loves him no matter what. Nicola also told him that she knows about Hube’s dangerous missions and what he has done in the past.


Later, they decided to go to Blood Pledge Castle for safety. Conrad and Wolfram was already in front of the house.


So they finally ride the carriage and headed back to Blood Pledge Castle.

Geneus, on the other hand was waiting for them.


When everything is set, The White Crows came and attack; it’s war!!



While the war continues, Yuuri, Nicola, Shori, and El are still inside. However, Shori cannot bring himself to sit still, so he jumped out of the carriage and did a crazy, yet awesome thing.


He blasted more of his water Maryoku and killed most of the White Crow members. However…


Geneus approached him. He talked to Shori about not yet fully mastering his Maryoku yet and stuff like that. Then, Geneus told Shori to give up his powers to the White Crow.

Shori was shocked, and somehow, he collapsed. Right then and there.


These screenies were taken from: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-366126/EPISODE-24-102-SCREENCAPS-AND-RAW-LINKS-The-Chosen-One.html

To watch this episode, click here.

Jya ne Shinmakoku no minna-san!! Wait for the next review! ^^

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