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Okay, so TODAY, our main KKM characters are Yuuri, Wolfram, Conrad, etc right? but in the past, our characters weren’t born yet! So now we’re going to review about past KKM characters for a bit. They appear 4000 years ago~

The main characters:

Shinou Heika, the first Maou of Shinmakoku.


Daikenja, The Great Sage, Murata’s past life and Shinou’s trusted advisor.


Ancestors of our characters today:

Siegbert Voltaire, Gwendal’s ancestor, fought along Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his left eye is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “Ends of The Earth”.


Lawrence Weller, Conrad’s ancestor, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his left arm is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “The End of The Wind”.



Rufus Bielefeld, Wolfram’s ancestor, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, his heart is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “Hellfire on Frozen Tundra”.


Earhart Wincott & Christel Wincott, Julia’s ancestors, brothers, fought alongside Shinou during the war with Soshu/Originators, Earhart’s blood is the key to one of the four forbidden boxes, “The Mirror at The Bottom of The Sea”. Christel was the one who brought the box to earth for safe keeping.


Christ, Gunter’s ancestor.


Spitzberg, Stoffel and Celi’s ancestor. (Looks a lot like Celi don’t you think?)


Supporting characters:

Ondine & Seraphine, sisters, oracles. Ondine became an oracle of the forest while Seraphine became evil later on. These are when they were children.


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Oh my Maou! I completely forgot about this one! This is also considered as an intro to the world of Kyou Kara Maou!

In Shinmakoku, there are 10 families that are known as 10 Noble Families. Their family names has ‘Von’ in front of it and each family has their own representative that attend meetings with other family representatives. Their meeting usually involves political problems in Shinmakoku. So basically, the 10 Nobles has control over everything that happens in Shinmakoku.

P.S These images are taken during their latest meeting in Kyou Kara Maou! Season 3 episode 1-2.

Here they are:

1. Von Voltaire (Gwendal)

2. Von Christ (Gunter)

3. Von Karbelnikoff (Densham)

4. Von Bielefeld (Waltorana)

5. Von Wincott (Suzana Julia’s brother)

6. Von Spitzberg (Stoffel)

7. Von Grantz (Adalbert)

8. Von Roshvall

9. Von Radford

10. Von Gyllenhaal

This is their meeting picture:



And finally…

Hurray for Shinmakoku!!


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Not only are there odd traditions, but Shinmakoku also has lots of legendary items that they believe can do marvelous magic.

1. Morgif

Morgif is the legendary Demon Sword. Yuuri retrieves it in episode 6. Despite its long and hard to pronounce name, Morgif acts like an ordinary perverted boy. He likes to chase women around!

2. The Gem of The Dragon King

The treasure of all treasures in Shinmakoku. This Gem represents the power of the Maou and is the centerpiece of the Dragon Crown. It went missing when Stoffel tries to get close to Yuuri which leads suspicions that Stoffel was the one who stole it!

3. Demon Stones

The rare demon stone can repair anything, and can also restore people’s magical powers.

4. Demon Flute

Rumored to create beautiful music, but not only that, it can summon rain. It can only be used by the Maou. It was discovered in the quarries of Conansia Svelera by Lord Grisela Geigenhuber (Gwendal’s cousin).

5. Esoteric Magic

Humans cannot use magic, but can use the Esoteric stones. By using those stones, they can counter Maryoku. Maryoku cannot stand Esoteric magic’s essence.

6. Four Forbidden Boxes

These four boxes contains the remnants of the Originators/Soshu (Shinou’s greatest enemy). Shinou, the first Maou, sealed parts of Soshu into four boxes; The End of The Wind, The Ends of The Earth, The Bottom of The Mirror, and The Hell’s Fire in Frozen Tundra. The key to these for boxes are the body parts of specific bloodlines. According to legend, these boxes have been sealed for 4,000 years and cannot be opened forever, but its seals are weakening…

7. Wincott Poison

A powerful poison that is best used by those who are from the Wincott family. It can easily kill the victim, but those who are from the Wincott family can control the body (living or dead) like puppets.

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In Shinmakoku, there are also animals who resembles normal animals in our home planet, but in Shinmakoku… well, they have ‘certain’ differences.

1. Bearbees/Kumahachi

These friendly creatures are endangered. They hatch from larvas and they will set off immediately, but when they want to give birth again, they come back to the place they were born.

2. Bone Tribe

The Bone Tribe is one of Shinmakoku’s greatest alliances. They are very helpful and friendly as well despite the way they look. If one of their bones fell off or broke, it can be back to normal as long as no one burries the bones. There’s the Fish Bone Tribe that is related to the Bone Tribe. The Fish Bone Tribe is also endangered.

3. Dragons

Dragons are one of Shinmakoku’s protected endangered species. Dragons can only be found in the Valley of Dragons. Even though the valley is off-limits to everyone, poachers usually come hunting for a dragon to kill in order to earn money.

4. Hell Paradise Goala

An angel on a tree, a devil once removed. This animal represents a koala, except that its size is about as big as a small elephant and it’s carnivorous~

5. Sand Bears

These pandas can be cute and cuddly~ but it doesn’t have the size of a regular panda bear, and it is extremely vicious if not trained. It can suck its enemies to its sandy and deadly trap!! BEWARE~

6. Sharks

The Shinmakoku Ocean are filled with fishes and sharks, but no one is afraid of the sharks… They’re vegetarian! Sharks in Shinmakoku aren’t interested with human flesh, they prefer veggies!! ^^

7. Sheeps

Very much alike to the sheeps on earth. The only differences are that sheeps here in Shinmakoku is a lot more stronger and are afraid of red bean pastries.

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1. Double Black

Even though black hair and black eyes are common in Japan, in Shinmakoku, only high-ranks/elite Mazoku have them.

2. Slapping the left cheek

On earth, slapping one’s left cheek is a sign of your anger. But in Shinmakoku, slapping one’s left cheek is a wedding proposal!

3. Picking up dropped knives

Picking up dropped knives in Shinmakoku doesn’t mean good manners, it means accepting a duel!

4. Picking up both a fork and a knife

Picking up a knife means you accept a duel, but if you also pick up a fork and point it at your opponent, it means you have taken your opponent’s lover! It’s a love triangle thing!!

btw, the blondish-brown haired girl here is Elizabeth.

5. Standard… Underwear?!

The standard underwear here in Shinmakoku are G-strings. This is so weird… but… we all will get used to it! ^^

6. Maryoku, Mazoku, Majutsu

Okay, so there are 3 kinds you need to know.

– Mazoku: Mazoku is just the Shinmakoku word for ‘Demons’. They really have not much difference with humans, but Mazoku can use magic powers.

– Maryoku: The magic powers that are used by Mazoku are called Maryoku. Maryoku usually depends on elemental forces. For example fire, water, earth, wind, etc.

– Majutsu: Maryoku is controled by a manner called Majutsu.

7. How to become a Maou in Shinmakoku

This is Yuuri when he was going to be the new Maou (Demon King). The ceremony is very simple. All Yuuri needs to do is stick his hand in the waterfall. Wow… short.

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In Kyou Kara Maou! Yuuri travels between two different worlds. Earth, and another world. In that world, there are  countries. And here are these countries and what relationship they have with Yuuri heika’s beloved country, Shinmakoku.

1. Shinmakoku

This is the only Demon (Mazoku) country in that world. Shibuya Yuuri was chosen to become the 27th Maou of this country.

2. Cavalcade

This is Cavalcade. One of Shinmakoku’s partner country. Yuuri heika has a friend who lives here with his daughter. His name is Hiscrive and his daughter’s name is Beatrice. This country’s special (and odd) way to greet people are with showing their shiny, bald heads! (for old citizens)

3. Caloria

Caloria is ruled by one of Yuuri heika’s friends, Lady Flynn Gilbitt. She was the wife of the previous and deceased ruler of Caloria, Norman Gilbitt.

4. Conansia Svellera

This is the poorest country among all. They’re very poor in water and that’s why in an episode, Yuuri heika helps them by playing the Demon Flute and summoned rain to come.

5. Francia

This peaceful country is ruled by Yuuri heika’s friends, King Antoine Jean Le Pierre and his trusted advisor, Lila.

5. Dai Shimaron (Big Shimaron)

In season 1-2, this suspicious country is ruled by the evil king Belar who wanted Yuuri heika’s powers. Now, in season 3, it is ruled by king Lanzhill, Belar’s nephew

6. Sho Shimaron (Small Shimaron)

This is Sho Shimaron. During season 1-2, Sho Shimaron’s ruler was never revealed. It was then revealed in season 3 that it is king Saralegui. This is a suspicious country that is like the shadow of Dai Shimaron.

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Okay, in Kyou Kara Maou! there are TONS of characters so I don’t think I’ll write them all… so I’m just gonna write my faves!

My fave characters:

1. Wolfram Von Bielefeld

He’s sweet, cute, funny, and blonde! What makes me attracted to this guy is because his personality is so much like mine~ ^_^

Oh, and btw, he’s 82… well, 16 in earth years but 82 in Mazoku (Demon) year! ^^ LOL, that almost caught you off guard huh?

Here are his pics when he’s little!! kawaii ne~?

This is him when he’s a cute little baby-chan! He’s with his mother, Cecilie Von Spitzberg!

This is Wolfie (My nickname for him ^^) in the garden! This is based on episode 45, one of my fave episodes so wait for my review!!

This is Wolfie in an episode (I forgot which it is, but it’s not one of my faves >.<) swordfighting with Conrad when he’s little.

Conrad is Wolfram’s Onii-sama (older bro) but from a different, and human father. This is his image:

notice him? ever seen him before? yep. The borwn haired guy. Lots of fans says he’s so hot and sexy, but I think he’s just average. Anyways, as I was saying, because his father is a human and his mother is a mazoku, he’s become half-blooded. Which is why Wolfram doesn’t get along with him very well in the beginning of season 1.

Okie… Back to Wolfram!!

Wolfram when he’s a kid. So cute! ^^

Okay, enough Wolfram minna! now it’s time for the others…

2. Shibuya Yuuri

He’s the main character of Kyou Kara Maou! and lots of people like him. He’s really dorky if he’s not the Maou. But when he evolved, WOW.

Here are some images of him!

This is my most FAVE image of him of all time!!! This is him when he’s a toddler!!! SOOOO CUTE!! HONTOU NI KAWAII!!! XD

He looks like a girl because when he wasn’t born, his mom wanted a daughter, so when he’s born, his mom dresses him up like a girl! ^^ ‘otoko-onna’ desho? ^_^

Huaaaa~ Kakkoi ne? Yuuri looks so cool when he evolved to the Maou (Demon King). He has great powers and can control water.

3. Anissina Von Karbelnikoff

I like her, she’s smart, sassy, and can do just about anything. Anissina keeps her cool and all the boys in Shinmakoku fears her. She can be a great leader and a role model among the girls. Anissina likes to invent things and her childhood friend (or test subject ^^) is usually Gwendal Von Voltaire:

You must be thinking now, “Why on earth is he holding that plushie??” Well, that’s because even though he looks fierce, he still likes to knit. Mostly, he likes to knit stuffed animals and he loves cute things. Anissina was the one who first taught him to knit. I think Gwendal is quirky and can be a lovable fave character to fans of KKM

This is Anissina when she’s little. Looking good, Anissina! 😉

Those are my top 3 fave characters from KKM! Stay tuned for more KKM madness!! Huaaaa~!!!! XDXDXD

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